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Patient Survey 2011

Dr Jaggs-Fowler & Partners
Central Surgery – Barton-upon-Humber: Village Surgery - Goxhill

Patient Participation DES 2011


The practice was keen to ensure that our patients are involved in decisions around the services provided by Central Surgery. As such the practice signed up to the Patient Participation DES and set out to establish a Patient Reference Group.

Developing our survey

The Practice approached the Patient Forum to help design the questionnaire to seek views of patients registered with Central Surgery, Barton-upon-Humber and the Village Surgery, Goxhill.

Who was invited to take part in the survey?

Using the clinical computer system we randomly selected 1,000 patients aged 14 years and over.

Each of these 1000 patients were written to personally with a copy of the questionnaire and a form asking if they were interested in being part of a Patient Reference Group (PRG). Anyone wishing to be part of the PRG were asked to complete a form to provide their name, address and email. Where a patient had returned this form it was immediately separated from their survey questionnaire so that the answers and comments were kept anonymous

A total of 348 questionnaires were returned by the deadline. Of those 47 people expressed an interest in being members of a Patient Reference Group.

Developing our action plan

Once the survey results were analysed, a copy was sent out to the Patient Reference Group members asking for their opinion on what our top three priorities should be over the next 12 months.

There were 32 responses received from the above 47. We have assumed that the 15 people who did not respond, no longer want to be part of the PRG.

Key themes arising from the engagement work

Overall the feedback was quite positive.

Over 80% of the respondents, rated the care and treatment received by the doctors at Central Surgery as either very good or good.

Waiting times in the surgery were also rated highly with 61.5% of respondents being seen within 15 minutes.

There were a number of suggestions put forward by the members of the PRG. However, the three main priorities for change identified are as follows:

Improve the appointment system
Improvement to communication with the patients
Improvement to receptionist attitude.

Next Steps

The action plan developed will be added also this is as follows:

The practice will produce a newsletter for patients 3-4 times per year updating them on what is happening within the surgery

The demand for appointments will be assessed by recording requests at reception over a four week period.

The doctors will be meeting collectively in April 2012 to discuss the feedback in relation to appointments specifically to look at the demand recorded and how to tackle patient access. A plan of action is to be produced from this meeting.

The Practice will look at training of reception staff and deal effectively with any complaints raised by patients about any specific member of staff.

Surgery Opening Hours

Our opening Times are as follows:

Central Surgery – Barton-upon-Humber, Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm
Village Surgery – Goxhill, Monday to Friday 8am-1pm & 2pm-6pm

Our Surgery does not participate in Extended Hours

Patient Profile


Gender Whole practice population Questionnaires Sent out Questionnaires returned PRG Membership
Male 49.5% 48.7% 39.4% 43%
Female 50.5% 51.3% 60.6% 57%


Ethnicity Whole practice population Questionnaires Sent out Questionnaires returned PRGMembership
White British 98.23% 97.80% 97.10% 91.5%
White Irish 0.16% 0.10% 0.30% Nil
Asian 0.07% 0.20% Nil Nil
Black 0.23% 0.20% Nil Nil
Mixed White/Black 0.11% 0.50% Nil 4.3%
Mixed White/Asian 0.08% 0.30% Nil Nil
Chinese 0.19% 0.10% Nil Nil
All Other 0.48% 0.60% Nil 2.1%
Ethnicity not disclosed 0.45% 0.20% 2.60% 2.1%


Age Range Whole Practice Population Questionnaires Sent Out Questionnaires Returned PRGMembership
14-16 4.5% 4.6% 2.9% Nil
17-24 10.1% 11.3% 5.5% 4.2%
25-34 12.0% 9.9% 8.3% 2.1%
35-44 16.3% 15.5% 9.5% 10.7%
45-54 17.6% 17.6% 16.4% 23.4%
55-64 17.0% 16.6% 22.1% 19.1%
65-74 12.9% 15.0% 22.7% 29.8%
75-84 7.0% 7.2% 9.8% 10.7%
85+ 2.7% 2.3% 2.9% Nil

Download the results of our practice survey October/November 2011 in Word (.docx) or PDF formats below.

Survey results Microsoft Word format
Survey results PDF
Survey results - patient comments Microsoft Word format
Survey results - patient comments PDF


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